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Northwest Journal of Teacher Education


The NWJTE is a peer-reviewed journal that serves as a forum for a network of scholars, supervisors, pre-service teachers, K-12 practitioners and administrators, and others who work to bring forth new insights and wisdom about what it means prepare and support teachers for democratic education. We share unique cross-border educational perspectives from both the northwest United States and Canada and from elsewhere in the world. The journal is committed to highlighting the interdependent, cooperative nature of teacher education and fostering a sense of common purpose among the people and institutions who work to empower and support the next generation of teachers.

NWJTE offers a space to collectively work through the interconnected demands of equity, excellence, and sustainability related to the issues of our time. To that end, and in an effort to record such dialogue and action, the journal seeks out and invites contributions that represent the diverse roles, perspectives, and methodologies found within teacher education. We are interested in research, practice and policy-based papers from a wide net of theoretical perspectives, and we invite authors to submit work in traditional or non-traditional representational style for review.


  • Jeremy Delamarter, PhD, Northwest University
  • Francene Watson, PhD, Washington State University
  • Maika Yeigh, EdD, Portland State University
  • Past Editor: Jim Parsons, PhD, University of Alberta

List of Reviewers


Past Issues:

Ongoing Call for Papers:

Papers may be submitted at any time of year.  All papers are subject to refereeing by two independent scholarly reviewers before being considered for publication. An international board of academics in the area of teacher education supports the journal.

Once accepted, papers may be subject to minor editorial revisions.

To submit a manuscript, please refer to the submission guidelines below.  All manuscripts can be submitted to nwjte@nwate.com

Submission Guidelines:

The journal is copyrighted and articles are protected under existing copyright laws. Published manuscripts become the property of the Association upon publication.

The following guidelines govern all submissions for publication consideration.


  • Cover Page – The title should be in 14 point, bolded, italicized, in Times New Roman, and centered on the cover page with authors’ name(s) and rank four spaces below the title in 12 point and centered. Include institutional affiliations and authors’ e-mail addresses.
  • Abstract Page – All manuscripts should include an abstract following the title page. Include the title of the article above the abstract. Limit the abstract to approximately 150 words or less, single-spaced.

Body of Manuscript:

  • Use APA guidelines in preparing the manuscript. See http://www.apa.org/journals/faq.html for formatting information.
  • The NWJTE accepts manuscripts of varying lengths – if length adjustments are required, the editors will contact authors.
  • Leave a single space before and after headings.
  • Use 12 point font size.
  • Use Times New Roman font type.
  • Use 1″ margins throughout the document.
  • References and citations should also be prepared using APA guidelines. All table, appendices, footnotes, and bibliographic information will be placed at the end of the article in 12 point Times New Roman.

Please also add this line to your email: This manuscript represents original research and is not under consideration for publication in any other journal, conference proceedings, book, or encyclopedia.

Please submit all articles for submission consideration to nwjte@nwate.com

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